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Shaping Narratives Across Boundaries.

A Creative Team

Our strength resides within our multicultural background that understands and translates clients' and agencies' ideas into a compelling visual masterpiece.
As a FULL-SERVICE video production company with an acoustic-treated infinity wall studio, our in-house crew produces, directs, films, and edits. We handle your project from the initial planning stages to the final delivery, providing you with comprehensive support and assistance to ensure that it is completed to the highest standards.
To ensure that we can handle large projects effectively, we have built a network of reliable collaborators and industry partners who can fill any role and take on any scale of production. By working together, we are able to deliver exceptional results for our clients.
At Kanister Films, we strive to create high-quality video content that engages and inspires your audience, telling your unique story through stunning and impactful visuals.

Our Services


Whether it's a promotional video, a branded content piece, or a documentary, we are here for you from start to finish.


Our corporate video service helps businesses and organisations create professional, high-quality video content that communicates their message, connects with their target audience, and delivers impactful videos that showcase your brand in a way that resonates with your audience.

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For your advertising and marketing campaign needs, our team of experienced professionals handles everything from concept development and scripting to filming and post-production, ensuring that every aspect of your commercial video is executed to the highest standards.

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From TikTok to Instagram, we create short, attention-grabbing video content for social media platforms. Our team works with you to develop a social media video strategy that meets your specific goals and objectives, ensuring that your video content is optimised for maximum impact on social media.

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Studio hire

For all of your videography and photography needs, our studio is equipped with lighting grid, cyc wall, and background options, ensuring that you have everything you need to capture high-quality video and photographic content.

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Our sound-treated studio boasts a range of high-quality equipment, including a range of paper backdrops, a lighting grid, and a 7mx7m cyc wall to ensure you can capture the perfect shot every time. Whether you need a simple headshot or a complex commercial video shoot, our studio is fully equipped to meet your needs.
With our flexible booking options, you can rent our studio for as little or as long as you need, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.

So why wait? Book our studio for your next project and see the difference professional equipment and support can make to your work. Contact us today to learn more about our rates and availability.

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