Fortune Note

Promotional, Narrative, Scripting


We filmed a promotional video for Fortune Note and Auslaw's annual Chinese business gala. From scripting to post-production animation, we collaborated with Fortune Note on this promotional video.

What we've done

1. Concept development

2. Script development

3. Production

4. Post-production

5. Voiceover

6. animation

We've got work to do

Fortune Note approached us with the desire to create a promotional video for their end-of-year annual event. After gathering information on their needs, sponsors, and desired style, we drafted a script that met the client's approval and began working on the video. With some editing revisions, we produced a high-quality promotional video.

Fortune Note asked us to help

— Create a narrative-style promotional video that is consistent with the client's brand culture

— Write a script that matches the clients' idea

— Provide an all-in-one video production solution

Creating a comprehensive narrative corporate video that helps clients visualise their concept requires a team with experience in understanding how businesses and organisations function in Australia.

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