Rivea Surfers Paradise, Auriton

Real Estate, Documentary, Drone Shots


We made a short video for Auriton's latest apartment complex, Rivea, located on the Gold Coast, which showcases its architecture and interior design concept.

What we've done

1. Filming

2. Drone shots

3. Editing

4. Colour grading

We've got work to do

Auriton approached us intending to create a documentary-style video to showcase their design ideology for the Rivea project in Surfers Paradise. We had a tight schedule, but we were able to film their showroom and the stunning Gold Coast skyline to match their style and colour palette. After editing and colour grading, we delivered the video within a week.

Rivea asked us to help

— Create a documentary-style video to visualise their design philosophy

— Understand the brand's aesthetic and create a matching image

— Complete urgent projects ahead of a deadline

Mandarin-speaking consumers are still a mostly untapped market for some small businesses in Australia. We understand your brand culture and translate your product and service to a new market, which is vital for a social media campaign.

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